Friday, June 14, 2019

Strategies for People Management Case Study Essay

Strategies for People Management Case Study - Essay ExampleThe conterminous bother concerns a production worker who was found inebriated (in a drunken state) in the locker room during her Friday night shift. The supervisor was not sure whether she could collect the nurse to request the employee to submit to a test for alcohol but the problem was solved when the employee said that she had taken a coffee flask change with Vodka into the factory and had, progressively as the night shift wore on, drunk her way through its contents until she was no longer capable of standing. Luckily she had lain down on a bench in the locker room and fallen asleep where her supervisor had found her. The consequences of the production worker falling whilst on the production-floor were unthinkable. Her supervisor had dealt with the immediate problem proficiently calling in the duty nurse who made sure the employee was safe and stable in the association infirmary before musical arrangement transport h ome. The production worker was handed over to her partner as dawn was breaking and a letter was left advising her, the production worker, not to croak to work on her normal Monday morning early shift but to report to the Production Managers office at 3 p.m. this afternoon. distinctly the production manager wishes you to advise her on how she should handle the immediate situation but there is also a wider concern because you are aware that the company does not have either a strategy or policy on alcohol or similar abuse in the workplace.Your task is to a. ensconce how you will advise the production manager how she would proceed when she meets with the employee this afternoon. b. Prepare a paper which addresses the longer term strategy and policy issues which the case has brought to light. You are take aback when some initial research from a CIPD report on Drugs and Alcohol abuse highlights that . . . The bare facts on alcohol consumption and drug use in the UK are

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