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Essay queastion Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Queastion - Essay ExampleMuhammad captured the Mecca city later in 630 after the Meccas population surrendered. Mecca companionship accepted Islamic religion and recognized Muhammad as the supreme leader. However, quite a number of tribes were against the Muhammads teachings and religion. Muhammad later died leaving no message about the leadership and future of Islamic religion. A new leader was immediately declared by the top advisers of Muhammad, and Abu Bakr was chosen as the leader, However, Unlike Muhammad whose leadership style was well known, Abu Bakr was referred as the successor of Muhammad.Abu Bakr took oer most parts of Arabia in his two year leadership. Tribes that were against Islamic authority faced Abu Bakr army under the leadership of Khalid ibn alwalid. The takeover of Arabia by Muslim club led to the establishment Caliph, the central control that formed strong alliance between Arabs and the Muslim community. This was one of the merits of growth and power of Isla mic religion because partnership between Muslim communities led to formation of strong army.Establishment of a strong army after formation of Caliph led to the capture of early(a) territories such as Byzantine Empire. Other cities were also captured in Iraq after the battle between Muslim troops and the Persians. New leadership of Muslim community continued the spread of Islamic religion. After the death of Abu Bakr, Umar led on capturing other territories such as Iran and some parts of Asia, with thcConquest being also expand to northern parts of Africa and to Europe.Muhammad being anti-Christ offered death threats to those who refused to convert to Islam. Additionally, his teachings motivated soldiers in war, and were told that those who died fighting for him would be speared during the Day of Judgment in heaven. Syrians and Egyptian Christians accepted Islamic religion easily because they could not bear hardships they were facing from Christianity religions such as

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