Thursday, June 13, 2019

Health and human services capstones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Health and tender function capstones - Essay Exampleype of contracting does not stick with with the market principles, in practice, however it is based on long term associations between the government and the contracting agency. The question to privatize health and human assistances arises when the government is required to deliver more with less money because of the falling revenues and rising costs. The government, by employing privatization programs, is able to increase its revenue, reduce costs and better utilise the private capital for health and human services and facilities. The government is still responsible for the provision and the quality of HHS, though the contracting party is actually providing the services. This cause of privatization is attained through an Invitation to Bid (ITB) or a RFP process (Request for Proposal).In the RFP process, the concerned government agency takes proposals from all qualified businesses entailing the cost and the methodology of provi ding human and health services to the people. The decision is made on the basis of the quality and efficiency of the services being provided most economically rather than considering the cost of the service alone. On the other hand, an invitation to bid refers to the method taking the standard sealed competitive bids in which the government usually accepts the lowest bid for the desired job.Contracts tail assembly be classified in to various forms such as the unit price contracts, fixed price contracts and cost plan contracts. It is imperative that the contractor is held responsible for the quality and efficiency of the service, as per standards, by the government and the desired performance of providing such services should be clearly

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