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Choice one of the topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Choice one of the topic - Essay ExampleGenerally, quality can be managed by clearly defining quality characteristics, considering how it can be measured, setting quality standards and lastly, monitoring and improving standards (Kelemen, 2002, p.29). Some of the problems in managing quality of assist hold measurements because it is really difficult to measure something that is not tangible. Another problem is setting or meeting the required standards since it is not easy to meet diverse expectations of different customers. In addition, monitoring and improving quality divine service is also a challenge because it is extremely difficult to monitor something that cannot be observed. Some scholars equate the concept service quality to satisfaction (Hernon and Whitman 2000, p.14) claiming that service quality is concerned with satisfaction and meeting individuals expectations. Agreeably, service managers face different challenges as contrasted to production managers and some of these challenges include answering customer call, satisfying customers by providing timely service, ensuring quality service, and time factors among others. This paper presents a discussion on quality, challenges that service managers face as opposed to product managers especially when trying to manage quality.Feigenbaum not only focuses on manufacturing but he also covers various departments which contribute to the quality of the product and go that an organizations offer to satisfy customers needs (Knowles, n.d, p.10). Managing quality is one big challenge to many managers in an organization. Product quality covers features, performance and defects among others whereas service quality incorporates time delivery and knowledge of delivery personnel among others. Product features is one way in which quality can be measured in that customers focus on the features of the product as the most important factor in meeting their expectations (Juran, 1989, p.19). Product quality and service quali ty differ in

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