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Project Management Essay Example for Free

Project Management EssayThe objective of this understand is to open a second office for Better wellness Care Centers within the next 18 months and within the $1.5 million budget on time and on budget. The swans environment as it relates to cultural /social is iodine of healing, health and wellbeing of the population or community. The expansion of the facility go out impose little impact on the environment as we will be using an existing building and all green practices and policies will be instituted when possible. For the final causeetary management of this project I will be using body structure managers, contract managers and lawyers, and thither will be another manger in charge of the hiring of staff and all of those people will be reporting to me, the general project manager. Since this is such a long and expensive project there will bring to be tight controls on time and resources to ensure that there is little to no waste. The project will be segmented into phases that will be spotd or almost complete when the next phase of the project begins. This will enable better control of the project as opposed to doing things out of a logical order.You would not furnish the building before you entrap the carpet. The amount of phases and the degree of control of distributively phase will depend on the size complexity and impact of the project. The phases for now, will be simplified and will go something like this the initiating phase where all of the proposals and budgets for each phase will be defined will be set. The next phase will hold the planning process. Where all of the basic needs of the project will be defined and the management aggroup is built and phase assignments are delegated. Then the make for starts with the execution of the project and the individual projects begin in earnest. This phase has some overlapping projects and simultaneous projects there will be very few generation when there is only one project working at the time. D uring this phase the acquisition of building space, contracts with insurance companies and outside laboratories and radiology facilities and hospitals will be negotiated. The hiring of contractors and the lowestizing of history plans and choosing equipment and other materials and supplies are decided upon.This is the longest phase and tight controls on budget and time are most important. There will be a need for four managers to run different areas of the project they will be in control of their budget and reporting to the general project manager and to the shareholders. each manager will have a staff of people to do some of the work according to their expertise. There will be a well-grounded team, a construction team, a design team and a team to organize meetings, a team for the general budget an accounting team. In the final or closing phase the work picks up pace and crunch time becomes a reality. In this phase many projects will be complete while others are winding d ingest and a few will just be starting.In this phase the hiring of the office staff, physicians and office mangers will be finalized and contracted. In this phase the finishing touches will be put in place and the equipment will be delivered and set up. The computer systems will be installed and tuition of the new employees will commence. For this project the manager will need excellent time management skills and the ability to communicate effectively with second level managers and project leaders and staff so that the efficiency of the project has as few set back and errors as possible. The project manager will also need leadership skills. With out a good leader nothing gets done efficiently or effectively.Project managers are assigned to achieve the project objectives. This business office requires flexibility, strong leadership. Good judgment, negotiating skills and a solid knowledge of project management practices. The project manager must have attention to detail while managing from an overall management prospective. The project manager is responsible for the success of the project and is in charge of all aspects of the project.The project manager responsibilities include Developing the management plan and its related components. Keeping the project on time and on budget. Monitoring, identifying and responding to risk. The manager is also responsible for timely and accurate reporting of project metrics.The project team is made up of the manager, and other team members that carry out the work but not necessarily involved in management. Each team has its own knowledge of their specific subject matter. It is necessary for all teams to meet regularly to go over any problems and to update the project manager on each teams progress.ReferencesPMBOK guide forth edition project management institute. Fourth edition 2008 CTU online live chats Granville Jones Instructorhttp//

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