Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Women driving in Saudi Arabia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Women operate in Saudi Arabia - Essay ExampleThere was also no freedom of religion to make out in whatever they wanted. Even Christians killed otherwise Christians and prosecuted them for believing in a different church than the government. That is the cerebrate why a lot of Christians found it better to live under Islamic rule in Andalusia, Turkey, or Egypt rather than live in their own medieval European country. The founding fathers recognized the paradox early on and wanted to create a country where people can state their horizon peacefully, worship their God freely, and have many other privileges and freedoms. And they have succeeded. Benjamin Franklin, for example, wanted the House of Speakers to be a place for anyone, including Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Mohammadans or Muslims, etc. to come and speak k straightwaying that their freedom of speech and other rights are protected.The U.S. Constitution was very well drafted to ensure the rights of everyone in the community. How ever, as I have now erudite in my studies, it seems that people have been trying to manipulate the constitution in various ways. When the debate about whether or not to allow for a mosque to be built on Ground null New York New York came about I was shocked to see what this country has come to. Separation of church and state is supposed to be one of the strengths of the government, nevertheless recently it seems that is not the case. Even more so, it seems as if the problem is even worse. There seems to be a full blown religious war pass on. Even though there are many churches all around the area, the proposition of building a much needed mosque by the private sector has sparked a heated debate on a whole other level. This is something that makes no sense. Believers would attend the mosque about five times a day, in comparison, believers would notify to a church once or a twice weekI have learned that the American constitution is valuable and appropriate for a country of many c ultures like the United States, but

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