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Theodore Roosevelt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Theodore Roosevelt - Essay ExampleHe too initiated food acts in the country for the betterment of the citizen residing in the country (Klose et al 2001). His presidential term cannister be labeled as a golden era in the history of the country.Theodore Roosevelt was sworn as the president of the United States in the year 1901 following the death of his predecessor. The first major step afterward taking over the presidency was seen in the year 1902. There was a strike by coal mine workers in the state of Pennsylvania and they demanded better workings conditions and higher wages. The President intervened and formed a committee to look into the matters. He assisted the workers and forced the mine owners to increase their wages and decrease the working hours. Further, he also worked towards establishing laws for the safety of the workers. Roosevelt termed it to be his policy that all Americans would be treated the same no matter of their classes and he truly stood by his statement ( In Hodge et al 2007 Klose et al 2001).The next step taken by Theodore Roosevelt was to work towards the elimination of monopolies of the large trusts operating in the country. He wanted to put an end to the deprave of power that was practiced by these corporations. The ending of J.P. Morgans Northern Securities was an implementation of this policy. Many other trusts were change state in a similar way. Roosevelt made it clear that his aim was to put an end to the exploitations done by these trusts but he did not wish to discourage the initiation of new businesses. He also intervened in the railway sector so that the state could exercise greater power over the infrastructure. With the assistance of the Hepburn subprogram in 2006, he granted greater power to the Interstate Commerce Commission for the regulation of railways (In Hodge et al 2007 Klose et al 2001).Roosevelt created reforms in the agricultural sector.

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