Thursday, August 15, 2019

Proessionals Responsibility To The Society Essay

Professionals should not restrict their work to their work place only. Instead they should extend it to the community in which they operate. Professionals can be involved in the society in many ways which include education, economic empowerment and creation of international links. Professionals have a wider understanding of the contemporary affairs. This knowledge can be used to educate the society on its civil rights, how to respond to social challenges and enlightening them on the national and international affairs. The society expects the professionals to use their knowledge and understanding of these matters to help them to be better braced to face challenges in the society. Education can be done through seminars, awareness meeting and mobilizations in order to enable the people to live together harmoniously. The society needs awareness in matters of gender parity, respect for religious and racial differences within the community and other social matters as may be violated in the society. Another area of education is how to utilize the natural resources sustainably since ignorance of such a serious matter can cause drastic effects on people. Â  Professionals can also contribute to the economic empowerment of the society through many ways. They can either directly or indirectly take part in activities aimed at developing people economically in the society. They can do this by proving the necessary conducive environment that can enable people in the society to realize their full potential. In empowering people, professionals have the obligation to enlighten the society on the factors of production available to them and how to look for market for their goods. They can also contribute directly by building schools, factories and medical facilities where people in the community can access them easily. Professionals are in a better position, due to their experience and knowledge, to identify talents in the society. Such talents can be developed and promoted in order to enable be people to live to their potentials. Organization of sporting activities and meet people campaigns are some of the activities which can be used to achieve this. At the same time professionals can use their knowledge to provide carrier counseling for students within the community in which they work. This can help them in choosing their carriers hence empowering them economically in future. Â  Professionals can help to link the society with the outside world. Since they have a better understanding of the culture, believes and economic activities of other people, they can enlighten the society not only on how to interact but also areas of interaction that can realize maximum returns out of such interactions. They can be involved in exchange programs in fields of education, business and culture to mention but a few. This can promote international understanding and cooperation among different countries. Â  Journalists are supposed to provide information to the society. However, this can be difficult in societies where the living standards are low. It becomes difficult for people to access the information due to poverty levels. At the same time some in some countries there is lack of freedom to journalists. They are limited on what they can report. While fighting for their rights, they should fight for the rights of the society as well. Â  Teachers on the other hand are supposed to reduce illiteracy level in the society but this is made difficult by the fact that education is expensive in some countries. Cultural reasons also water their efforts to lighten the society through education. Â  Lawyers can be of benefit to the society by promoting civil rights in the society but their work is hindered mostly by cultural and reasons. Some practices which violate human rights are in most cases valued highly by people in the society. Failure to report of injustices committed in the society also contributes to the difficulties the lawyers face in carrying out their responsibility to the society. Â  Reference: 1). 2).

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