Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Aldi Tea Advertisement Analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Aldi Tea Advertisement Analysis - Coursework Example This advertisement passes on the products benefits which in this case are the Aldi tea in a way that it shows that its product is non-alcoholic and can be consumed by those who don’t take alcohol. It further states its benefit indirectly considering the fact that the old lady specifically states, it’s her who prefers the Gin to the tea hence we can assume that the rest of her family probably likes tea, like her husband thus it’s a product that is beneficial to all other family members, even young ones and has no harm at all. In regard to this, a competitive advertisement should outline and properly include the advertised products benefit to its market segment (Mullins & Walker, 2010). Unlike in the tea advertisement where the tea’s benefits are not fully outlined, one should exhaust all products benefits. It is researched that tea has substantial benefits to mankind. It contains tea phenolic that is responsible for inhibiting the bacteria that causes bad b reath, it also speeds up fat oxidation hence increasing metabolic rates to the human body (Muirhead, 2008). It is also confirmed that tea contains amino acid that lowers stress hormones in the body hence boosts mind alertness level, while on the other hand it boosts immune system in the body (Muirhead, 2008). ... Most known ways of product differentiation include preserved production and marketing; it is where the producers find, maintain and purify a particular raw material for a particular product hence no other product will taste similarly (Mullins & Walker, 2010). Another way used is that of segregation. This involves grouping, separation or selection of the product at its raw level depending on its quality at production level or materials. The third method used is traceability; here the product is researched for bacteria and any chemical residues levels to ascertain if any and to what extent (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Though in Aldi tea advertisement, its product is not effectively differentiated from other products in the above ways, it tries to differentiate it through its advertisement in the sense that first, unlike other products and advertisement that go for celebrities and young people to advertise for them, here they went for an old lady which creates unfitness with the product. The second difference in this advertisement is the fact that most if not all adverts specifically talk about the advertised product and no other product are included in the advert. Unlike those, here the old lady tells us how her husband likes Aldi tea, but she herself prefers Gin to the tea hence creating uniqueness in the advert. The Aldis tea advert further creates contrast between its product and that of Gin since one is alcoholic and the other is non-alcoholic. The properties of a good advert are that which creates contrast or a difference between its products and adverts and those of its competitors. This helps so that its product is not mistaken for another product, or its advertisement (Fletcher,

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